TeleBudgie PVT Limited

TeleBudgie ® is a sophisticated, distributed, modular web and desktop GPS/GSM-based software system to remotely manage, maintain and monitor in real-time, stationary and mobile assets (vehicles).

Fleet Management

TeleBudgie ® is available as an online and desktop application and can be configured to work standalone or together. They complement each other.

Route Management

Whenever a vehicle deviates from the specified route, fleet managers are informed via email and/or via SMS that the vehicle is deviating from the route. This functionality is intended to assist fleet managers visually (Google maps) as well as informative text.

Fleet Maintenance

TeleBudgie FMS ® is an add-on software module of TeleBudgie ® which can help you run a more cost efficient fleet while reducing the number of breakdowns. It can help to reduce road calls, reduce inventory, increase mechanic productivity, and provide information that is vital to your fleet. FMS is a money-saving tool for fleets.

Way Bill

TeleBudgie WayBill ® is a Goods Despatch and Delivery Confirmation System available as an add-on module in TeleBudgie Route.


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The following reports can be automatically generated and sent to fleet managers and operators via email:
Activity Report (Ignition status, speed & location)
Depot Report (all visited depots)
Vehicle Stationary Report
Geo-fence Report
Mileage Report
Specific Time (e.g. Night Time) Driving violation
Trip Efficiency
Vehicle History

Real Time Alerts

A key benefit of TeleBudgie ® is that it offers fleet operators real-time alerts via e-mail and / or SMS so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner.

Once a telematics device is fitted to a vehicle, registered and configured using TeleBudgie ®, fleet managers receive an alert whenever a vehicle:
Spends extra time on a specified route
Stays at a stop/delivery point more than the specified time
Uses extra fuel than the standard limit
Travels extra distance to reach a destination
Exceeds the speed limit - over-speeding
Leaves, travels or arrives late
Deviates from a pre-scheduled route
Enters and leaves a pre-defined geo-fence
Enters into a restricted area

Geofence Reports


A Geofence is a virtual area marked on a map which means that every time a vehicle enters or leaves the designated area the system is alerted. This is useful for tracking vehicles travelling between depots or customer locations to prevent any deviation from the route OR visit to an unwanted area. Users can register any new depot(s), outlets and sales points by drawing that area on Google earth.


Reports give concise information on different functionalities of TeleBudgie Route. The reports are listed below:
Route Violation Report
Geofence Entry Report
Geofence Exit Report